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From Baby to ‘Bitty’: How Old is Too Old for Breastfeeding?

This post was originally published  on The F Word

I recently attended my first La Leche League meeting at my local branch in Scotland. La Leche League is an international organisation supporting breastfeeding mothers and I found out about this community after having a difficult start to breastfeeding my son. At the time of the meeting, my son was four months old and amongst the youngest. There were a number of older babies and toddlers and what an eye opener! I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a child over the age of one being breastfed. I admit, my first impression on seeing a two and a half year old walk up to his mum and nurse was that it looked plain weird. I imagine anyone who hasn’t witnessed an older baby or child being breastfed would think the same. In Scotland it’s just not something we’re used to seeing. And so like anything that we’re uninformed about we can easily approach it with social discomfort, embarrassment or misplaced negativity.

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