About Me

Hi, my name is Rachel and I live in Scotland with my husband and baby boy. I’m  interested in exploring pregnancy, birth and parenthood through a feminist lens. You can usually spot me in a dress and walking boots, which is why I don’t write for fashion blogs.

You can find me on Twitter and that’s pretty much the height of my social media presence. I’m not very good at the whole apps business. I just found out about snap chat yesterday and don’t really see the appeal. Don’t judge me!

Me and Wee One
Me and Wee One Photo Credit: Daisy Dinwoodie

I’ve been thinking and talking about having my own blog for years so now it’s time I take a leap into the unknown. So come on in and have a look around. My housekeeping is not the greatest but you’re very welcome!

When I was thinking about how often I’d try and post someone suggested not being too ambitious and trying to post one good piece a month, and I thought “Well I can DEFINITELY manage that!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha….

So then I changed my approach and I decided I’d try and get a few guest posts out there so people can see what I’m writing about and then hopefully take a look at my blog. ‘Cause otherwise it would just be my mum reading it. And me hitting refresh to see if anyone had registered interest on my page.

And yes people, that’s just sad.

So a few months later and many hours with my son in what I affectionately call the ‘baby jail’ to keep him safe while I write, I now have my first published articles in The F Word and The Green Parent.

Exploring pregnancy, childbirth and parenting through a feminist lens